Edgar Hill Roscoe

Apostle Edgar Hill Roscoe was born on 21 March 1946 in Coronationville, Johannesburg (South Africa). As a little boy he had many experiences with the Supernatural and already knew at age 5 that he was destined to be used of the Lord.

Because of the peculiarity of his childhood his mother, Sarah, took him for prayer at one of the Prophet William Marrion Branham's services in Johannesburg. During the prayer the prophet concluded that this boy would one day preach exactly the same message that he (the prophet) is preaching. (An account of this prayer could be found in the book " Prophet visits South Africa" or Online - the full story.)Apostle Roscoe repented at age 20 and straightway followed the message of the prophet William Marrion Branham. Having being voted in as pastor to a small local Johannesburg assembly in 1973, Apostle Roscoe reluctantly and only on persuasion by the assembly accepted this responsibility.

Since his inception into the ministry Apostle Roscoe contended vigorously for the preaching of the gospel in Power and Demonstration of the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Ghost revival in El Tabernacle ignited in 1979 and is continually gaining momentum. Characteristic to the ministry of this humble servant of God is his divine inspiration on the Holy Ghost and teachings on the Spoken Word. Many believers and sinners alike can attest to the inspiration, healing, discernment and filling by the Holy Ghost experienced under the dynamic ministry of this man of God.

Apostle Roscoe currently pastors El Tabernacle with a congregation of over 6000 believers and erected churches in the Pretoria and Johannesburg surrounds. Other areas serviced by the pastor include Potchefstroom, Klerksdorp, Sasolburg, Lindley, Rustenburg and Venda where services are held in smaller venues.

Services are held weekly on Wednesdays and Sundays. A monthly combined service with all the centers are held during which Communion and feet washing are observed.